Movement in MANTICORE is the first phase of a player's turn.

Moving Regiments Edit

Moving regiments involves using a tape measure to measure some distance in a straight line perpendicular to the front edge of a model's base. A model may move up to it's Movement Value in inches per turn although various options and maneuvers may change that value over the course of the game. A model (or regiment) is never required to use any of it's movement except where explicitly noted.

Maneuvers Edit

Rotating Edit

When a regiment chooses to rotate, spin the regiment around it's center 90 degrees *OR* 180 degrees. This maneuver costs 1/4 of the regiment's total movement. A regiment may not rotate when it is executing a charge. A regiment may choose to rotate at any point along (beginning, middle, or end) it's intended movement path. A regiment may also choose to rotate multiple times per movement phase. One practical effect of this is that a unit may keep it's same facing and move in any direction at half speed (rotating, moving, and rotating back again).A regiment of spearmen has a normal Movement Value of 4. If it starts it's turn facing north, it can elect to rotate 90 degrees to the left and move it's remaining 3" in a straight line. An elf regiment with M5 can rotate once and move it's remaining 3.75" straight forward.

It is important to note that if a regiment does not have enough movement to complete a rotation, it may not do so.Our spearmen regiment uses 3.5" of it's 4" movement allowance to move forward, it does not have the required 1/4 (1" in this case) remaining movement to rotate and so may therefore not do so.

Double Time Edit

If a regiment does not declare a charge in a particular turn, it may choose to march at double time. Regiments marching at double time may double their M value for that turn if there are no unengaged, visible enemy regiments within double the regiment's M value. If a regiment of spearmen moves at the double time it could move 8" (double it's usual rate of 4") in a straight line. The same regiment may also choose to Rotate which would cost 1/4 of it's movement allowance.For example, our spearmen regiment may choose to move 2" forward, rotate 90 degrees left (using up 2") and move 4" due east.

Wheel Edit

A regiment may wheel

The Movement Phase consists of 5 sequential sections.

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